What do Travel Agents do?

I get this question A LOT, and honestly it is completely understandable! I use to be that person actually.

Picture taken at: Unico 20° 87°

Picture taken at: Unico 20° 87°

I have traveled a lot and before I started this job, I never actually knew what Travel Agents did, besides travel all over the world to amazing places all the time (this is only half-way true! Haha). The first time I ever used a Travel Agent was for my destination wedding. I honestly get it now; why using a Travel Agent is so beneficial, and not only for JUST weddings.

This is going to be quick and to the point!

1. Travel Agents help you before, during and after the journey. We do all of the research and qualify all of our clients to their wants and needs in a vacation or destination wedding. We can design personalized travel itineraries/experiences for each unique traveler. If you are that person that has no clue where to even start, you should definitely use a Travel Agent.

2. Travel Agents have access to exclusive benefits, deals, promotions, compensations, etc. We go through different hotel suppliers, transportation companies, tour/excursion companies to find our clients the very best deals possible.

3. Travel Agents are not online robots, we are actual people! :) If something happens before, during, or after your vacation, we are always a phone call/email away to help you right away.

4. Travel Agents services are completely free for you to use! How is that, you ask? We are compensated by our hotel suppliers, etc. as mentioned in #2.

5. Travel Agents study, take courses, webinars, conferences, and actually travel to destinations to get first hand experience for the clients, because it is our absolute passion. We live to see our clients experience the unforgettable! #allfortheclients

A HUGE thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have trusted in me, and given me the opportunity to make all of your travel dreams come true!

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